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When you’re advertising a product or service, your biggest challenge is standing out from the crowd. You say you’re the best? So do your competitors. You’re the fastest, the friendliest, the least expensive? So are they! (Or at least, so they claim.)

So how do you break through all the noise?

With Music

Music is more readily absorbed by the brain. We recognise our favourite songs in a noisy room, but can’t make out an announcement over the PA at the same volume. Music gets stuck in your head. Jingles get stuck in your head!

Using our world class musicians and vocal talent, Jingle House has developed a wide variety of successful creative concepts for virtually every industry imaginable; including some of the world’s largest retailers, like Safeway and Bridgestone, and even a major national promotion for the Citrus industry.

Music is visceral. We connect with it immediately. And you can use it to connect with your customers just as fast.


To help you get to know the amazing talent that brings your jingle to life, we’ll be featuring our vocalists right here! Check back for new profiles and talent features!

Born in 1981, Natalie Gauci studied music at VCA, before forming her own band and performing at gigs around Melbourne. In 2007 she auditioned for the fifth series of Australian Idol. As you probably know by now, not only did she make it onto the show, she went all the way to the grand final, taking out the title of Australian Idol the same year. Nowadays, when she’s not bringing her killer voice to your jingles, she’s working on a brand new album as part of the group Tune in Tokyo.

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