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The birth of Jingle House was the result of a bet between an Australian radio announcer and his boss. Nigel Ross claimed that he could produce jingles with a far more current sound than the expensive package the radio station was about to license. Nigel won the bet and his first package went to air in 1996.

Since then there has been no looking back. Jingle House became its own business that expanded beyond that single radio station to the entire country. Now, Jingle House reaches across the world—Asia, Europe, North America and beyond.

In Australia alone, we currently have hundreds of jingles playing on every radio and TV network, from Cairns to Hobart, Sydney to Perth.

Our first summer jingle package ran in every major radio market in Australia, including 2Day FM in Sydney. The jingle was so successful it was released and became a dance hit on Virgin/EMI. It has since been re-worked for a major UK Network.

The secret of our success is staying focused on the current sound, no matter what format you're writing for. It's like fashion; you're not going to stay in business selling last season's range. Music is constantly evolving. If nothing else, we pride ourselves in delivering jingles that are on the cutting edge of that evolution.


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